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Jazmayne Chatman 

She is a storyteller. She develops unique concepts, build awesome productions, and capture exceptional content that curates into engaging videos and brand shots.


Jazmayne Chatman is rising in the industry. With over 10 years of professional experience & was trained by greats in the industry, along with Emmy-Award winning stylist.


Jazmayne has quickly emerged a creative director  & photographer in the Los Angeles, California area. She combines monochromatic  innovative styling techniques. Jazmayne can do it all. Her love for high-end fashion speaks in her productions. ‘I love expressing myself through Visuals. There are no boundaries,’ Jazmayne explains. Her creativity led to creating looks for several actress', working on the set of various productions, music videos,  and many more big accomplishments.


In addition to professional styling, Jazmayne is a self-taught set designer, artist and fashion consultant. She created Glam Squad LA, a professional consultancy business, to combine her loves of hair care, fashion, and makeup application. From sweet sixteen celebrations to the runway, Jazmayne makes clients over from head to toe. She is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all things creative.


My Work

I have had the privilege of working with amazing clients and creating content that showcases their brand and tells their story. Let me help you create the same engaging content for your brand. Above is a potion of my Electronic Press Kit.

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